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6GL Isotope Gallery LITE

6GL Isotope Gallery LITE


Create simple and awesome galleries from file sets using the 6GL gallery block with Isotope and Lightbox 2 plugins.

Product Details

  • Arrange your filesets as you normally would
  • Add title and description to your photos
  • Add the 6GL Isotope Gallery Lite block and pick up to 20 simultaneous filesets to create a gallery
  • Responsive layout, columns settings and fileset filtering



Docs / How to

For a complete step by step instructions read our docs here

Quickly add simple and awesome galleries following the steps below:

  1. Arrange your filesets and photos as you normally would
  2. Add the block and pick up to 20 different filesets simultaneously
  3. Choose gallery settings: number of columns, filtering options, image cropping, sorting, thumbnail size and image padding
  4. Save the block

For a complete step by step instructions, click here

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